From the time of your enrolment at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, you are insured for legal expenses in certain areas of law through the student body. Those costs of 2.00 Euro per semester are already included in the semester fee.

Procedure for the use of Legal Expenses Insurance

  1. You call the Auxilia hotline at +49 89 53981-333
  2. If asked, the contract is drawn upon the name of:
    Student body of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.
  3. If you are asked for our membership number: 9001052100
  4. You describe the case and whether it is covered by our area of law
  5. Have a cover confirmation sent to you.
  6. Good luck with your case!

Insurance Number: 9001052100

This number may only be given by enrolled students of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.


KS/AUXILIA Insurance
District Office Mainz
Rheinallee 109
55118 Mainz

Phone.: +49 89 5398 1333

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